Thoughts 2012

Thoughts 1.14.2012


Spiritually oriented, integrative, pragmatic, concrete actively participating in the world around according to my limitations and boundaries, I see without having to look.

It is impossible to avoid watching the world as it acts.  Not that there are those who don’t try, numbing themselves with drugs and entertainment while Rome burns.


Living is painful, I admit.


A ship sinks, the stock market falls, an extraordinary storm, a quake, a tsunami, a flood, terrorist acts on holy days in places marked for holy visits, simultaneous revolutions, wars, corruption high and low, a nuclear catastrophe.



And in the list mood, species wiped out daily, starvation, oil spills, amazons eroded, cut down, the human sperm rate weaker, foods, boobs, faces, bottoms, calves and chins not real, technologic speed, postponing and producing death.


Expansion/contraction.  The names no longer do.  Adjectives like cruel, greedy, vain and foolish: inadequate.  In fact, the words for our times and culture cannot describe our time, our culture.  Reality is so much more.


Yes here I am, words the weapon and personal savior; senses, mind and words, groping as they do.


In the negative sits the positive.  Every force has an equal and opposite energy.


Suffering hurts.  Observing it fosters compassion.  Anger is uncomfortable.  One can’t stay angry forever – not without longing and reaching for balance and calm.  Resentment is unsustainable.  There is hope.



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