Thinking On A Couch 2012

Thinking On The Couch


Energy you well may be:

Feeling and perceiving;

Sentient, silent, needless;


If you were that energy,

Your me, would it be


Daily this of mystic bliss?

Questioning ad nauseum,

Pessimism underneath?

Writing volumes, leaving tantrumed

Anthem poems

In chasms of un-wisdom balsam

In the humdrum, valium of days?

Columned volumes all in rhythm,

Not an inkling of the outcome,

In the nestled bosom of unknown

For gleesome freedom

We all long for

In a system most succumb to?

Never victim,

Playing possum,

The sum total in a prism,

(Most a prison) of atomic bottoms,

Chasms of a ho-hum flotsam, trashy jetsam,

Plumbing problems of existence’

Schisms, crumbs of wisdom now and then,

Fathoming the truth in

Threads of theorem,

Hokum, totem, parting saint-dom,

From the void of venom, Sodom,

Sum, and question, rostrum’s podium

A systemlessness system company

The day eventual?

It’s probable.


Thinking On The Couch 1.30.2012

Sense Of The Ridiculous; Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin










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