The Now Again 2012

The Now – Again


What a science!  If I’m at the sink doing dishes, and if I remember the slightest thing that hasn’t to do with the dishes, my being-ness has lost that moment and gone into the past or future.  On the other hand, if I’m aware of devoting the dishwashing to, say, God,the action can indeed take place on two levels: the devotional and the active.  But one doesn’t say “devote, devote, devote..,”.  One takes that microsecond of devotional aim and goes back to the feel of the hand, the sight of the dish, whatever sense is dominating.  It’s subtle.  Senses and intellect hold the now – or should.  Desire and wish belong to the non-now; take away from the now.  (I’m thinking this through as I write – spontaneity.  But I also have the tv on.  Non-now.  Non-spontaneity.)  Subtle.

February 15, 2012


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