Leaving Mirrors 2012

Leaving Mirrors

Seeping away,

Leaking through the pores

Of caring.

Leading to an ignorance

Of mirrors, fears,

Opinions, tears;

Spots that toll the bells

Of funerals.

Leaving Mirrors 3.16.2012

Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

In The Mind 2012

              In The Mind


In the mind: ideas, pictures,

Gods, guides, good:

Each/every atom that must train, learn, burn

For something; turn

Itself inside and out

For worthwhile something(s) done.

Will.  At some point

A will must will the will

To flow around and through

The sealed system you

                                      reside in.

Fourteen hundred forty minutes’

Journey each and every


Until those atoms fan out

Into timelessness, all to the good



In The Mind 3.13.2012

Birth, Death, & In Between II; Circling Round Time II;

Arlene Corwin



Spring Observations 2012

Spring Observations


Spring once again:

Friends born in March’s



The change of clocks,

Eight crocuses,

Phenomena a hocus pocus

Miracle; a trick

And lucky them!


Hair starts to sun-bleach.

I sit on our mini-beach.

Married pair of ducks out there,

Duck-ette and male –

Behind his tail,

Loyal to the end. 


The verandah now has ants.

Water/vinegar concoction works –

They’ve gone back down,

Maybe elsewhere,

Leaving the plants alone –

For now.


It’s just the start,

This greatest part of

All four seasons;

Gnat, tic, fly, mosquito

Not awake or born.

(however they come into


On the other hand,

A butterfly came flutt’ring by

Not stopping to demean itself

By landing.


Tomorrow will supply

More info. 


Spring Observations 3.24.2012

Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin






Occupied with Resistance: Rolling Up Jeans 2012

Notes Occupied With Resistance: Rolling Up Jeans


As I was rolling up the cuffs of my jeans, the denim kept thickening, resisting my attempts at rolling.  I found myself wanting to stop, when i realized that it as a sign that my hand was weak – not that the material was strong.


Mind has an inherent desire for good, every movement valuable.  Don’t let natural resistanceput you off..  Resistance is more a sign that that the particular, the momentary is precisely what you need to work on/go through/pass through.


I carried on rolling.  I’d won.



Occupied With Resistance

Rolling up the cuffs,

Denim thickening, resisting

With each fold.

Wanting to break off, let go

(it is her natal weakness)

Seizing stitch

And see it as a sign.

It isn’t that the cuff was strong:

The hand was weak.

Occupied With Resistance 1.21.2012

Circliing Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin


You Change 2012

You Change

You change.

You do not like it.

This ‘do not like’ business

Silliest of vanities,

Sticking with, hanging on,

As if the world cared what you look like;

As if concentrative levels

Of the average bloke

Of any sex,

Was not that of a five year old.

You vex

As if all life and value

Hung upon it.  Alteration does not scold.

The world runs on.  It runs away

In regulating law.

Attraction not attractiveness

The net in which we haul in fish.


You Change 3.6.2012

Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Vanities II;

Arlene Corwin




Specialist 2012



We used to call a specialist

A specialist.

Then egghead

(definitely 50’s out)

Now it’s nerd:

A focuser, dedicated expert – with

“I know a little bit

About a lot of things…”

Left to the quiz show whiz.

These days to ‘know

A lot about a little thing

And save the world’ with it

Is in in my small business

Not for show.


Specialist 3.6.2012

A Sense Of ‘the Ridiculous; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Not Goal But Mechanism: Gratitude

Not Goal But Mechanism



Imagining in image,

Image in imaginings;

Not goal but mechanism;

Working tool to get you there,

Where thinking clearer betters life

And life for those around.  Undervalued

As a talent, knack and aptitude,

When you get it, feel it, use it!

Not a goal but mechanism.


Not Goal But Mechanism 6.23.2011/3.5.2012

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

Yet Another Funeral 2012

Yet One More Funeral


A neighbor friend of ninety-eight.

Sad but distanced.

Not as painful as expected.

Organist, priest, cronies, kin,

Then you and me.


The priest had met with son and daughter;

Didn’t preach, but read

The things they said.

No pretensions, abstract terms.

‘Reminisce, recall… but do not live

In halls of past…

Or future fantasies.’


An almost-century on earth…

Details I’d not known.


Then Christendom;

Hope and dust;

Shared, collective dest-



The lifeless neighbor in our midst

Became a life.


Psalms, organ, sermon;

Row by row we rose and honored…

Flowers, bowing, sometimes words.

A simple service to remind… re-mind.


Another Funeral 3.10.2012

Birth, Death & In Between II; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin

Tired Of Collecting 2012

Tired of Collecting


I know it’s wonderful to buy, amass.

Such fun!

So won-


The floor to ceiling shelves with books.

(and then and when you die. those left look

at those books and say,

“My God, we’ve got to give this stuff away –

It’ s just too much!”)

Who else will love their smell, their touch?

Clothes of different sizes, drawers full, folded

Smooth, all ironed, waiting

For that right occasion.

Oh, I’m sated.

Poet, artist, mate and human being

Tired of collecting

For the sake of vain, illusionary

Aspirations gobbled up by goblins.


But tomorrow, woebegone,

I’ll be back buying.

And acquiring

Squirrel to the marrowbone.


Tired Of Collecting 3.3.2012

A Sense Of ‘The Ridiculous; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin



Holding On To January 2012

          Holding On To January


I tried to hold on to January.

It didn’t function.  Gone.


A February.

Tried to grab a ninety-three


I’d found a piece

From eighty-three, and eighty-three

Touched yesterday.

I tried to hold on to last year,

Last month, last week.

They leak away into vacuum

And attempt at memory.

There is a sense of the ridiculous

In all of this.                                                                                                                                                                           


Holding On To January 2.25.2012

Circling Round Time II; A Sense Of The Ridiulous;

Arlene Corwin

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