The Day The Princess Had A Baby 2012

The Day The Princess had A Baby*

New little princess;

Flags a-flying.

Sunshine, open windows,

Cats that went out and ate grass

And almost no snow left.

Seven degrees of centigrade.

It’s February.  Should be colder.

Ice that’s turning back into

A lake again and Princess cakes

Sold out in all the bakeries.

So many fine and subtle things,

Thought I.

Besides which, Lena Valkonen

Became a grandma Saturday:

A baby boy. Oh boy!  More joy.

And more to come.**

The Day The Princess Had A Baby 2.29.2012

Birthday Book; Special People, Special Occasions; Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin

*Sweden’s Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

**Inspired by an email received from my neighbor across the lake, Ingegerd Lorquist.

The subject of the letter was “wasn’t it a lovely day”.  It was poetry in itself.  I just made a few changes.

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