Rules Of Separation 2012

      Rules of Separation


I didn’t know them,

Motives motleyed:

Start anew; save him pain;

I didn’t have a clue –

Became a stranger,

Never took contact again.

I’d left.  I’d gone.

Is it not pain to meet again?

To chat, converse?

It surely makes the suffering worse.

Does one not fall into old patterns?

Argue about pasts, put blame?

You are no longer two.

What do you do

When you’ve moved on

To form a new relationship,

Begin a marriage, house, things, love?

I didn’t know that

You could learn to ‘chew the fat’.

I didn’t know that there are rules

Of separation one could learn.

And I repent – in flashes.


Rules Of Separation 3.5.2012

Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin



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