Spring Observations 2012

Spring Observations


Spring once again:

Friends born in March’s



The change of clocks,

Eight crocuses,

Phenomena a hocus pocus

Miracle; a trick

And lucky them!


Hair starts to sun-bleach.

I sit on our mini-beach.

Married pair of ducks out there,

Duck-ette and male –

Behind his tail,

Loyal to the end. 


The verandah now has ants.

Water/vinegar concoction works –

They’ve gone back down,

Maybe elsewhere,

Leaving the plants alone –

For now.


It’s just the start,

This greatest part of

All four seasons;

Gnat, tic, fly, mosquito

Not awake or born.

(however they come into


On the other hand,

A butterfly came flutt’ring by

Not stopping to demean itself

By landing.


Tomorrow will supply

More info. 


Spring Observations 3.24.2012

Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin






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