First Day Out 2012

First Day Out


Just in case I get a thought,

I’ve brought

My pen and laptop


The old-fashioned way.


Feb. twelve.  Light

Brighter over treetop and

I hear a saw afar; a farmer


Making preparation.

He wants light or wood.

And/or – that’s good.

Country dwellers – they’re so clever.


I sit.

Rooftop snow has almost hit me,

Missing by an inch.

Melt, melt…



Is story-telling:



But worth a word.


Another thud.

What luck!

I’m tucked under an eave

Exposed to ultra-violet

I need.

Light’s back and lengthening;

Apple cake inside is baking.

We will gain an hour next month.


Still, temperature demands

Two pairs of tights, leg warmers,

T-shirt, sweater, vest, coat, hat.

That’s that.

My first day out.


First Day Out 2.12.2012

Small Stories Book; Swedish Book; Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin

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