Do You Know You’re Three Today? 2012

Do You Know That You’re Three Today?


Do you know that you’re three today?

Three and free, you have inhabited

Planet Earth just twelve times three.

Not much really.

Eyes that look at us are yellow or

They’re black, depending

On your mood. You’ve grown.

You know a lot,

Developed fears, developed confidence

And habits, signals,

Even sound that sounds like words

Which we’ve begun to grasp.

You’re changing everyday.

And still we worry-

Are we doing what we ought to do?

What’s right for you?

You’re handsome, graceful, smart.

You give so much without a forethought

Or an effort.

Just to watch you makes us cry.

Happy Birthday Albert –

Even though

You’ve no

idea it is.


Do You Know You’re Three Today? 5.6.2012

Cat Book: Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin


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