There Must Be… 2012

There Must Be…


There must be rules,

A physics, chemistry, reality;

A measurable,


The ground within the source;

Love’s safety net

Explaining chains of start, life, end,

The trick to see by feeling,

Key, ‘by feeling’.

Wish, we wish…

Each thing occurring on its level

Arrowed always by this law of love

We never can control

Now matter how

We fight against it.

In-/ex-clude, expand/contract/attach/detach,

The never general but always the particular,

The relative and absolute produced by love,

Directed, ended

To examine in coincidence,

But also the predictable – thank goodness,

Law in building up & breaking down & building up again.

Unending tenderness and empathy.

There must be laws that govern this.

There must be rules.


There Must Be…5.6.2012

Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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