An Ordinary Sunday In July 2012

An Ordinary Sunday In July


Yesterday a birthday cake

To mark a friend,

And in the wake

Of cake & frosting,

Massacre & wasting –


precious  life.

Today, in churches,

Darkness from the year before

Lighting up to even up

The score

Of yet another massacre.


Syria: a nightmare for the Biblicist;

Treasured lives and history wiped out;


One more ousting

of the tyrant.


As we watch from sofas.

Sunday TV shows us

Words and hymns;

Wars, grim vultures.

It is our times, our culture.


An Ordinary Sunday In July 7.22.2012

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin


For those who want the facts: July 22, 2011 Anders Breivik blew up a government building in Oslo, killing eight people, then traveled to the island of Utoya dressed as a policeman.  Armed to the teeth he went on to massacre 69 young people gathered there.

On July 20, 2012 James Holmes of Colorado entered a cinema also ‘armed to the teeth’ shot killed twelve and wounded many more people, the youngest a child of six.

In Syria, the dictator continues to bomb and kill his own citizens – for the sake of staying in power.


Typing, Ripening 2012

                    Typing, Ripening


There’s a moth outside the window as I type.

He’s beautiful and likes the light.

It’s night. 

Now there are two.  A bit

Distracted, all that I can do

Is shift the sharpness of my vision,

Share the lenses of my eyes,

Cut the brain

(already halved)

In two again

While checking wings, their underside,

Which I alone can see,

Patterns, fluttering,

(Now there are three)

From here inside,


Some slight friendliness and warmth

While ideas ripen. 


While Typing Ripening 7.19.2012

Circling Round Nature; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin



I Feel Like A Stranger 2012

I Feel Like A Stranger


I feel like a stranger

Every time I have to say my name,

Or even write



That signature: Arlene,

Arlene Faith Nover,

Arlene Corwin,

Arlene Palmer,

Arlene Council.

Who? I’ve penciled

Each and every combination

In one

Phase or t’other.

What is in an appellation?

That’s the question.


Come to think,

I feel like

A stranger

Every time I see that mirror

And I’m in it.

Minaret or minuet,

Self-portrait or the spirit

Of the me I am.  Accoutrements!


Extra, yet so ordinary;

Change from year to week to day:

Too fiddly to approach,

Too tricky

To identify.


Do I dislike it, like it?

I feel nothing but surprise

And I suspect

That you all do



I Feel Like A Stranger 7.17.2012

Pure Nakedness; I Is Always You Is We:

Arlene Corwin



Ignoring Mortality 2012

Ignoring Mortality


Wrestling with fame,



All of us,



Wrestling with,

And if we’re lucky

Finding its


And the rest of them –

Illusions, that is,

Quashed, the vision clearer,

Focusing and puzzling over


An end,

The end.


Ignoring Mortality 6.27.2012

Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

My Weaknesses 2012

My Weaknesses


The book four hundred pages long,

I get to page two hundred four

And feeling bored,

And knowing all the characters,

The plot, the point,

I turn to page three eighty five,

Find out who murdered who,

Surprise! Who also murdered who…

I’ve closure.

Now I can to back to page

Three hundred four

And finish.


Isn’t it?


My Weaknesses 6.15.2012

Pure Nakedness; A Sense Of The Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin

Searching For Connections 2012

Searching For Connections


If mind were free, ideas would flow.

When mind is open, ideas flower

Because vacuums must be filled

To flavor nothingness.

Nothing loves

A nothingness.


Overtones and undertones:


Vacuums; chasms, emptiness,

Spaces empty of all matter;

Voids and space and nothingness,

Leading us to craters, cavities and gulfs;

Rifts, splits, crevasses and fissures;

Then that awful concept void:

Bare, blank, dead, unoccupied,

Empty, null, invalid, useless,

Vacant, vain and worthless.



There’s void as free;

Freedom to move this way, that –

Which brings back creativity,

The dear propensity of nature

To abhor a vacuum

Out of which the all is born.


Searching For Connections 6.16.2012

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Bringing You Into The Room 2012

Bringing You Into The Room


Reaching out to you,

(It always feels new)

Imagining & thinking that

Without lifting a finger

(except mine with which to play piano)

You are sleeping with,

Planning for,

Chatting to: all this inside and out you.

Not an easy task to do,

Used to picturing a point in space:

An energy

That’s laced with imperceptability

Requiring practice,

It’s a different side of me.

Not the type to be your bride,

(no aptitude have I

for nunnery)

I can relate,

Have made and make

You into

Many people,

Steeped in feelings of the moment.

Feelings pull.

You’re here, skin near, moment-sent,

Bringing you into the room.


Bringing You Into The Room 2.10.2011(rewritten7.9.2012)

God Book; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin





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