Documenting Summer 2012

Documenting Summer

Outside on the steps with coffee,

Green grasshopper on my knee,

Diminutive, lime, tranquil, friendly.

I’m as mesmerized as he.

I’ve had on me all kinds of creepy-

Crawlies: dragonflies, ants, butterflies,

Worms, beetles, ladybirds, small spiders

Who have lived and thrived

On shoulder, chest, calf, forearm, toe,

But green grass thumb-sized hopper – no.

Staying long enough for me to see

Tiny antennae, four small feet

So magical they look like drawings,

Cartoon wings:  strong but unreal  –

Long enough to get the feel of

What it’s like to be a hopper

(as opposed to walk- or flier, masticater

of the crop,)

I never have to take a break,

Vacate the land,

Evacuate familiar walls.

I’ve had my very own firsthand


Time’ll tell what else

Shows up.

Documenting Summer 7.3.2012

Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin

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