Afternoon Seduction (from Circling Round Eros + 2 out in September 2012

Afternoon Seduction

(A Romance for the over-seventies)

He lies there on the June warm porch,

A kidney stone somewhere inside him.

She beside him, background birches blow.

He’s wearing shorts.  They’re joking

About something vague

While birds prepare for evening’s shade.

She concentrates on some long hair within his brow

That’s growing north,

While all the others, white and coarse,

Go east.

The beast is wakened.

Open porch – a lake:

He takes her.

When the sofa proves too hard

He takes her –

Upstairs, on a bed,

Dropping what small clothes they wear

Behind them on the stair:

A 40’s film. The ante-room.

Passion’s perfume.

If that’s not frenzy,

What is, then?

Afternoon Seduction 6.10.2006

Love Relationships; Pure Nakedness; Circling Round Eros;

Arlene Corwin

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