Re-reading 2012



I’m in the process of re-reading,

And I see that I’m not tough enough,

Stuck in the frame of poetry,

It’s all too kind,

Although I thought when wind was up

That I was being rough and tough,

Dangerous, hard-hitting, harsh.

Now I see, it’s paper pap; mush.

I see I’m a marshmallow.

Next step:

Re-reading means re-writing –

Themes the same (because that’s me)

But biting, better and not butter,

Battering the rams against the thing

I’m fighting for.

Goodbye subtlety.

To hell with poetry.

For instance, I was reading

What I wrote on greed.

It was tippy, tippy toed.

Now I know, greed is greed:

Ravenous and hungry, self-indulgent.

All it wants and needs is more.

Craving, it knows no restraint.

A spade’s a spade,

And as I said,

I plan to call it that.

If poetry, may it not be

A patronizing softly, softly…

Who am I intent on moving,

Who do I intend to serve with verse

Of such a measly nerve?

No one?  Someone?

That’s the question!


Re-reading 9.8.2012

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin



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