Cremated 2012/2013


She died on Sunday.

Now it’s Wednesday.

She’s already gone: cremated.

Ash is left.  Is all.

Is she?  Well,

Riddle, question, mystery:

Is she… is she…is she?  We are

In tears.  Tears little matter.

Tears little matter.

Disappeared and scattered;
Where? What sphere?  Not here.

Cremated.  The memor-

ial (who for?)

Is Friday.

Atoms shatter.

In these clatter-days of peacelessness,

The waters of belief, one’s faith

In ever-changing, never-dying form

Is of the essence.

Out of harm’s infernal ways

Is the essential matter.

Atheists say, “gone is gone”.

It’s thornier for faithful ones,

For faith is blind – like love.

Cremated, but above,

She is.

Cremated 10.24.2012/3.5.2013

Birth, Death & In Between I, II; Special People, Special Occasions; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin

For Marilyn

I’ve No Beginning Nor An End

I’ve No Beginning Nor An End

I’ve no beginning or an end:

I will convince myself of this –

It is so logical to me;

And yet I fear as others fear –

The ones to whom it has no logic.  Yes,

I have – as all the others –

The Great Fear.

(You know the one I mean,

The one where I’m no longer here)

Which I must work away.

No beginning and no end:

It is so logical to me.

The mind goes back-through day on day.

I feel my way to no-beginning.

Why then, do I struggle forward,

Fight for life,

The little grain of planet sand,

This microscopic grain of sand

That is an I

In universe that is,

That will itself not die?

With no beginning and no end

One should exhilarate, not cry,

Not plague oneself with questions, dry

And fruitless.

One should kiss

An eye for eye

And say yes almost all the time.

I’ve No Beginning Nor An End 12.30.2001

Birth, Death & In Between; I Is Always You Is We;

Arlene Corwin

Jazz Musician Always 2012

Jazz Musician Always


It isn’t that I like to cook,

But looking

In the fridge and knowing that

We have to eat,

The jazz musician in me

Beats away, theme there,

Means there already

(pots, pans, stove and lots of food,

for which I thank the Lord,

the means luxurious indeed)

And some creative series

In some wordless way

Says “Hmmm” which  ‘hmmm’ computerized,

In ones and zeros in the brain

Connects away, combining several

Million links – all for the good

Of those I feed,

And lo, out comes the food – a meal.

This is a miracle –

Like playing jazz.


Jazz Musician Always 10.13.2012

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Vaguely About Music II;

Arlene Corwin


Everything An Advertising Space 2012

      Everything An Advertising Space


Everything an advertising space;

And in that space another place

For advertising.  (Have you noticed?)

Every television ad a lure/trap/bait

For companies a-waiting.  Every   

Place no-chance for peace;

And in that scarcity,

An open door to enmity

And argument, ill will and malice:

Open door to chaos. 


Not to say

It’s unavailable.  (peace, that is).

No.  Inside the mind, inside the brain

And there to train is shutting off, shutting out,

Thinking, reasoning your way out of the shouting

Advertisements: trailers, billboards, posters all;

Flyers, hoardings, and commercials:

All included.

All the screaming unredeemed



Find a way.


Everything An Advertising Space 10.5.2012

Our Times, Our Culture II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin



Gratitude For Warm Water 2012

Gratitude For Warm Water

It comes in a flash.

It lasts for a second.  Riches, cash

To clinch the day – sometimes more than…

And in the jargon

of the day

It is a mind phenomenon:

Mind-‘blowing’ and mind-‘boggling’.

Struck by luck’s affection;

Feeling for a small detail;

Water at a touch,

As little or as much

As I/you will.

On top of which,

Warm water to deluge each dish –

Or any dish you wish.

It’s passed,

Just as I guessed.

Gratitude For Warm Water 10.3.2012

Circling Round Energy; I Is Always You Is We:

Arlene Corwin

Saying Yes Not Saying No 2012

Saying Yes Not Saying No


I don’t say no.


Laid back,

A tired rag just letting go.

It’s morning and I do not even know

The time.

By simply being, there in freedom,

No program, no idiom,

Body’s lower parts

Have been re-shaped,

Re-formed, conformed

By simply being –

And attentive.

There are tools and sensibilities not there in unformed youth;

A mystery the finest sleuth could never solve


He/she learned to say yes:

Saying yes

Not saying no.



Saying Yes Not Saying No 10.3.2012

Circling Round Eros II; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin

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