Cremated 2012/2013


She died on Sunday.

Now it’s Wednesday.

She’s already gone: cremated.

Ash is left.  Is all.

Is she?  Well,

Riddle, question, mystery:

Is she… is she…is she?  We are

In tears.  Tears little matter.

Tears little matter.

Disappeared and scattered;
Where? What sphere?  Not here.

Cremated.  The memor-

ial (who for?)

Is Friday.

Atoms shatter.

In these clatter-days of peacelessness,

The waters of belief, one’s faith

In ever-changing, never-dying form

Is of the essence.

Out of harm’s infernal ways

Is the essential matter.

Atheists say, “gone is gone”.

It’s thornier for faithful ones,

For faith is blind – like love.

Cremated, but above,

She is.

Cremated 10.24.2012/3.5.2013

Birth, Death & In Between I, II; Special People, Special Occasions; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin

For Marilyn

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  1. zengarden2011
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 06:39:19

    thank you.



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