Turning Male 2012

Turning Male


This body’s turning male.

It wants to change its gender.

Hormones having failed it,

A moustache grows, is tweezed away,

Vacations for awhile,

The fertile, fecund follicles that mumble

Under skin and pore

Vital, waiting, joining forces

Then emerging.


Who can purge

This test of destiny;

This hormone norm-become-a whore worn

Allowing one last trace of womanhood

To makes demands and get its way.

The shadowed over-lip not every

Woman’s fantasy.


Though nose hair pros say

Nose hairs have protective power.

Piffle poppycock!  Each hour they flower,

Blackening the furrows

Meant for air.

The germs?  Who cares?

Breathing freely’s

Less important than one’s beauty.

(Well, my friends, it used to be.)


If I’m incapable of loving it,

I’ll simply rise above it and just tweeze

Away this sense of the ridiculous.

Tolerating both the newness and the process.



Turning Male 11.3.2012

Circling Round Vanities II; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Nature;

A Sense Of The Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin

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