Following The Light With Laptops 2012

Following The Light with Laptops



Bear the laptop down the stair


Morning light is with the sun.

I seek the opposite of dark, a zone

Of something undefined.


Another room.

Before, I saw the lake outside,

Now, as I hit the keys,

Pine trees hide and bridle rays.


Something bright comes out

In what I write

Thanks to the light,

Hidden or not.


It’s night.

I definitely need another

Space on which to place the laptop,

Tabletop my closest hope.

On my knee I watch TV.

(It’s not that I am on my knee,

But you are,

Pretty white computer)

Anyway, I multi-task.

(Don’t ask

About the quality).

I’ve fetched some soup,

Tapped the laptop

Next to me,

Edited while looking at a mystery,


Checked the text and mail,

Googled stars I find enthralling;

(Some would say appalling and a way to stall)

Superficial, I confess,

Yet it is

A satisfying, meter-less existence.


Following The Light With Laptops 10.11.2012

Circling Round Computers;

Arlene Corwin





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