Listening To 50’s Andre Previn 2012

Listening To 50’s Andre Previn*


What are we doing,

More than looking

for ourselves, for

For ourselves we borrow styles,

Noticing the other’s tools,

Movements when we write a song,

Or play our wrong


Ourselves opposed.

We contra-go, we question-learn,

We contra-play all in the quest for unity.

What is a quest(ion) but a search

We recognize as me or I –

One to live with and enjoy.

We keep on borrowing and using,

Sometimes jumping, hopping off,

To head where we belong.

We’ve seen a light –we’ve had enough.

The clue, the warning?

Discontent; a know-not-why;

A looking-in; a “That’s not me”.

What are we doing, more than looking

For ourselves, for

Therein sits serenity.


*who left jazz piano behind to become a conductor.



Listening To 50’s Andre Previn 5.4.2012/12.20.2012

Vaguely About Music II;

Arlene Corwin



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