Book Of Numbers 2013

Book Of Numbers


Did you know you were born

On Tuesday, nineteen thirty-eight,

At ten past midnight,

Dear Linnea knew;

At her happiest with you inside

Did you know she

Considered it

The finest

Of her pregnancies;


happy months, a Kent inside;

Her pride,

Her joy,

Her second born,

Her tranquil boy.

So many things one doesn’t ponder:

Life before the now & here.


Can you picture

Digits seventy & five

Now part of you?

Your cue to live

Defining who you are & what you do,

Refining these things too.

Remembering the happy birth that just a few

Have been as privileged as you.


May all your days be filled with jazz,

Mastering the longest phrase

And playing faster with each hand

On your white glossy Kwai grand.


May your tender heartbeat beat

Until you are one hundred eight.

The happiest of all the birthdays

You have had to date!


Book Of Numbers 1.29.2013

Birthday Book; Numbers Book;

Arlene Corwin



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