Pursuing The Big Picture 2013

            Pursuing The Big Picture: (A poem about chaos)

What defines the chaos order?

Unity within?

Ordered chaos?

Fractals; re- re- reproduction:

Repetition in the pattern;

Figures in unendingness without a pause,

Each cause effect, effect a cause;

An infinitely complex picture.

Breaking down into reactions,

Fractals: patterns never ending;

Simple rules for complex systems.

What a thought!  Repeats – but not exactly;

Exactititude yet paradox.

Unity/diversity. Transmognified simplicity.

Creation’s dust resulting in

A man.

The answers stand evolving, testing,

Keeping, building on each magic;

Organizing-self; the miracle –

AndiIf you will, the oracle.

Evolving, time scale cosmic.

All the time refining.

Interacting and surviving.

This creation does its thing.

Trial and error.

New, un-programmed,

Organizing self to Self

Spontaneously unintentioned;

A dynamic universe.

Always picking, choosing: new.

Nature’s mathematics.

One might say God’s thumbprint.

Mandelbrot.  Great.


Pursuing The Big Picture 12.20.2010 revised 3.28.2013

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin

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