Divine Compassion Speculation 2013

Divine Compassion Speculation

Divine compassion through rebirth;

Each soul transcending

Time on earth; flesh

Coming back again, again.

But how & why?

To justify

A theory no one can prove;

To die, or only seem to die –


Be re-born?

Why come once more?


of you – and/or

To finish up a cause/effect;

To rise to a self-realized one;

Self-realized in/as a person;

Polishing one’s better sides

To polish off one’s erring sides;

To end desire’s wishing sides.

Postulations every one –

But then,

So many –isms think it.

Nothing new under the sun,

Not one excludes the other one;

See them.

Come to

An assumption

That becomes you

As a comfort.

Divine Compassion 4.1.2013

Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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