Nelson In The Slow Lane 2013

Nelson In The Slow Lane


Millennium it was, and

Nelson had a hold on life,

A full full-Nelson.

Nelson was a winner: sharp,

Informed and muscled,

Jobs, assignments: then full stop!

That was two thousand:

Full of promise – lord knows why.

Did we expect utopia?

Nelson got a poem about him.

Lucky guy!

Successful, active, always busy,

Just a little arrogant.


Twenty thirteen as of now

Fate has brought him down:

Body, money, mind; he’s drowning,

As J. Alfred Prufrock drowned,


Hard to classify,

Not bathos, pathos, tragedy;

Hard to box it in

With not an adjective at hand –

No noun.

All I know is Nelson’s in the slow lane



Nelson In The Slow Lane 4.16.2013 (see My Friend Nelson In The Fast Lane 10.11.2000)

Special People, Special Occasions; Small Stories Book;

Arlene Corwin



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