I Had Two Students 2009 I Have More Students 2013

                I Had Two Students

Worth the effort of a thought as ode:

I had two students who, the two

Were more than good;

Two students long ago,

Sincere, in tune

With what I taught, they listened;

Not a theme that brings applause.

There are universals

In the student who excels.

Confucius lauded those,

Who once corrected, never

Made the error over.

Personal and corny,

This, for Anna, Judy,

Down for all eternity.


I Had Two Students 7.27.2009

Circling Round Yoga; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin


I Have More Students


Teaching after many years;

Strictly speaking, thirty years.

Thirty new developments:

Let us say advances, change, expansions, growth,

Maturity, improvements; movements, yes,

Let’s call them movements.


Teaching once again and how

I love them – now

With mother love,

Regardless of

Age, character, health, gender,

Aptitudes.   All open to

Their new call yoga.

Age is advantageous;

Wrinkle has its force,

Influence its own

That smooth-faced youngsters

Cannot own.  Anecdotes

And silly jokes

To pepper truths with;

Improvised, creative lessons;

Backlog of creative funds

To last a lifetime,

Offered in the static wonder

We call yoga.

Open and obedient, each

Trusting in the message of the class.

What lecturer could ask

For more?

To leave the floor

Exhilarated, energized,

Shaped-up, sized-up all in an hour.


I Have More Students  5.4.2013

Circling Round Yoga; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin











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