Night Thought 2013

Night Thought

Your friends will watch you growing old

And love you [anyway, in spite of, for…]

(Darkening over-lip, hairs on chin

Unseen by changing lenséd eyes)

Love you between thick and thin,

Fat and sick, not picky about outer things.

Strangers will not know the difference

Between what you were and are,

Not caring and why should they?

Aging, growing old, maturing –

(Verbs you use, show mind that’s yours,

For verbs you choose are mind that’s yours.)

In any case, grow old and let it!

House no attitude about it –

None at all,

at all,

at all.

(that’s supposed to be an echo

bouncing back on walls of time)

Attend to something else and grow.

Night Thought 6.10.2013

Definitely Didactic; Circling Round Time II; Circling Round Wrinkles; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin


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