Secular Sweden #2 2013 (revised)

Secular Sweden #2


A fact:

To read about on Google,

Hear about and see on Sverige’s* TV,

On which each Swede is nurtured.

Uncomfortable to raise in company,

The theme: existence, (which

I think is fun to mention).

Quest and question

most exciting;

More than, say ‘who did what, with, to…’

Well, you know.

Sweden is

The world’s most secularized

Nation.  Not discussed or asked about,

The concept of the Root.

What’s kicked around is food –

Menus exchanged;

Tools, cars and trängsel skatt**

Crime, immigrants.  That’s what!

These ‘in’, God ‘out’.

Life’s possibilities.

Who to blame?

Not long ago, when Sweden was extreme,

Its zeal in moralism, Luther’s name was hyped;

Kings, wars.  Just flip a coin.

With churches up for sale or rented –

Or plain empty,

Here in war-free Viking’s land

We are a secular society,

A secular majority.

The cycle turned.


*pronounced svair-ee-ya

** (road) congestion charges


Secular Sweden #2 6.17.2013

Swedish Book; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin



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