Gym Teacher 2013

Gym Teacher: A Dedication

Inspiration all around & everywhere:

The teacher – who knows about

My body, his, and everyone’s;

Inventing movements, game/combined,

Exercising mind,

Finding the weaknesses, the strengths behind;

The teacher reaches out to every muscle

In a room of tousled


Balls, weights, mats, walls, bicycles

That chase our fates.  It would seem that

Lessons last well after… Teacher,

Guru-of-the-gym: a treasure.

One’s seen those men, not worth their salt,

Exalted; so-called gurus,

Shedding so-called light.

Gym teacher (mine) gives might

That also wakens wisdom –

His domain, his specialty

Deserving as can be.

Inspiration all around

To those who see it.

All around & everywhere.

Gym Teacher 7.16.2013

Special People, Special Occasions; Swedish Book; Circling Round Yoga;

Arlene Corwin

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