What’s The Fuss About? 2013

What’s The Fuss About?

They love each other –

Yes, they do.

Perhaps more than I, you; and yet,

The sex drive has diminished.

Climaxes an effort.

Touted drive expounded

Western TV world around,

Do they miss it?

Not a bit.

They love each other;

Cuddle, touch;

They love each other very much.

Petting, playing – with

Erotic word and kiss sufficing

They don’t miss that pulse

That pounding thump,

That throbbing greatest of deceivers,

Hidden steerer not aware of

Goals and roads pretending to be real;

A blend of drive and tangibility:

Status, goods and family:


What’s the fuss about?

It’s possible to live without it

And be happy, love’s vitality


What’s The Fuss About? 7.24.2013

Love Relationships; Circling Round Eros II:

Arlene Corwin

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