Video Reality 2013

Video Reality

Remarkable!  A button; key

To take away reality

That could have been.

You video your playing;

Filled with errors,

Notes or words you never

Would perform if there were

People present.  You delete.

Reality has been.

You can hit the button,

Run away, correct, pretending

That it never happened.

No one saw, need ever see

Until you’re letter-free,

Reality recorded and erased,

The moment secret in its weakness,

While your brain’s known both –

Knows three: before, an after

Or a chosen-never.


Repeat till ripe

To reap

A new reality:


The old, once known,

Has paused –

Is gone.

Video Reality 8.17.2013

Circling Round Computers;

Arlene Corwin

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