People Need Their Orgasms 2013

People Need Their Orgasms

Or am I wrong?

Fasting, chastity, chastising,

What are Catholic priests advised?

The song

of romance –

Does it need to be sung?

The manly body’s hung to spring,

And once the spring has sprung

It’s done.

So simple is the law of organism’s orgasm.

People of both genders need; they simply need.

It isn’t greed, it isn’t lust;

More itch that must be scratched,

And when

the scratch is scratched

The itch relieved and on the run,

It’s done.

So simple is the order of the organism’s function.

I suppose some do not need.

But then,

What is their need instead?

“Moses supposes his roses are noses,

Moses supposes erroneously…”*


Maybe this poet’s erroneous too.

Mistaken hypothesis specious, inaccurate,

Flawed in its reasoning.  Simply untrue.


*From “Singin’ In The Rain’ (sung by Donald O’Connor)

People Need Their Orgasms 9.16.2013

Circling Round Eros II;

Arlene Corwin


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