Famous Author Franzen 2013

Famous Author Franzen

Famous author Franzen says to not use I

Unless it’s crucial,

He, she, one, they:

Anything but I’s more vital,

Sometimes indispensable.

Corwin says that I is you,

(It’s always you),

And you is we.

So it’s ok if I use me.

Then Franzen says do not use then

When and will do

Arlene Corwin thinks that too.

He says the reader is a friend.

Not bystander, not foe.

Ms Corwin thinks that also.

Then, of course

You see more

Sitting still than chasing after.


At least I see.

Famous Author Franzen 9.25.2013

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin

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