Climate Crisis 2013

Climate Crisis

To change the mindset

Of a planet?

We, the people of the planet


Study children in a class:

Do children grasp

En masse

The same way,

Same day, or at all?


A lasting harmony,

A commonality, a unity is only

Foreplay to disorder;

Froth, faith, myth; youth-grounded truth:

It can’t endure.

Crisis means a danger time,

A turning point,

A critical  catas…disas-trophe;

A time to worry, hurry, but

We’d rather dither,

Give way to, let’s say, to

Comforts of the moment

In denial

And postponement.

A crisis trying to work out,

A plummet, crying, climbing,

In its paradox, to climax;

Earthquake, drought, the flood, typhoon:

No doubt,

Conditions fraught with climate –

And our ruin.

Climate Crisis 9.30.2013

Circling Round Nature; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin

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