Voicings 2013



I used to bother with harmonic


I’ve gone back – or backwards. 

Somewhere I lost interest,

Lost the taste for

Placing notes for sake of texture.

I discovered I don’t care.


Central to the jazz pianist,

Voicing gives a class and status:

(More than sevenths, ninths, elevenths

thirteenths: triads

for the in-crowd)

I discovered

I’m baroque -ish

I like bass lines;

Poking ‘round the melody.

Tune against a tune,

They keep the time.

Are drum, (a kind of drum).

While I can hum, sing song,

A bass line comes along 

Enriching melody

And me

And music overall.


I used to be concerned with voicings.

Somewhere I lost curiosity,

The energy to search and find…

Out of my hand, out of my mind.  

Maybe I got lazy.

Maybe I got simpler.


Voicings 10.20.2013

Vaguely About Music II;

Arlene Corwin



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