Opening My Address Book 2013

Opening My Address Book


I looked in the S’s,

The page was full,

Each line a keyhole

To a life.

I scanned and found

That some had died,

Gone out of business,

In my sites

no longer.

I’d not sought a name in years –

Mac’s seen to that.


There it sat:

First beau Art Garland,

Watercolor artist friend,

Doctor Smart I’d rung about

My father’s heart;

A record shop in shreds and pulp,

Gone bust in one fell swoop:

Who buys a record nowadays?

Half a page or more erased.

(Wise of me to always


In graphite,

That’s to say in pencil)

Saddened, every corpuscle and muscle.


It’s the passing once again;

Time erasing once again.

So I entered a young contact;

No telephone

But mobile cell phone,

Time has rearranged the ticket.

Opening My Address Book 11.5.2013

Our Times Our Culture II; Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Time II;

Arlene Corwin

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