Too Old To Be Self-Conscious(revised/refined/re-worked)

    Too Old To Be Self-Conscious


There is no subject that cannot

Be kicked around

Or talked about;

No theme so ‘sacred’ it must be avoided.

No age when you cannot have passion,

No age when you’re not allowed

To be yourself:

The same in every


When you can’t become a newcomer

To themes that make you joyful,

Things that make you tingle;

There is certainly no age

When you may not be entertaining:

Giggly, extroverted, corny, plainly silly – and a fool.

No age when you must discontinue demonstrating, sharing

What you’ve learned and known;

No age too late to come into your own,

Be known for what you’ve done and do.

If it is not your birthday,

Happy anyday* to you.


*(written for a friend whose birthday it was).



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