Leaving Two-Thirteen Behind 2013

  Leaving Two-Thirteen Behind
Just behind: two-thirteen.
Hard to put your finger on
The grieving; shorter years;
The cloths of fate.
Thieving years (theft more the word)
Fears caving in,
But fears of dying; Merde!
Closer to the grave.
How much did one achieve,
The question.  Peeved
In some unconscious way,
Un-livedout dreams corrosive,
One was passive, much too passive,
On the eve of leaving,
Threshold weaving two-thirteen
Into a two-fourteen, waving goodbye
With fireworks and resolutions,
Thinning bones and air pollution.
A coming into being. 
Leaving Two-Thirteen Behind 12.28.2013
Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Nature; Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Time II;2
Arlene Corwin

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