Dead Horse 2014

Dead Horse


Euthanized: that’s what they call it.

Broken leg

(its burst of energy first on the course,

Ahead of all the other horses)


Drawn to the side, the track a blur.



Scene shifts: a prostrate horse,

Its patient eye expressionless,

The jockey hovers, stroking, whispering

While vet prepares a needle –

A gigantic needle, shot, jab, dose.

We, watching have no idea what’s going on.

“Must be a painkiller” we comment.

“He’ll be put to pasture”

Slowly, while the stroking lasts,

The jockey murmuring sweet loving nothings,

In it goes.

The eye, the gorgeous eye-

It doesn’t close.

Oh no, it doesn’t close.

A nothing stare. The light’s gone out.

The mouth shows teeth.

What had we thought?

Were we so crazy as to think ‘it’s just a film’?

Oh no, it was a death end-breath.


Has cancelled “Luck”,

The pro-


I would never freely watch again

For all the tea in China.


Dead Horse 1.30.2014

Small Stories; Our Times, Our Culture II; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin




Part Of The DNA 2014

Part Of The DNA


I love rhyme.

What the devil! What the deuce!

Leveling out the atmosphere;

[The]inner, outer mood; the humor

Meaningless, stuck in whenever…I’m

Extremely fond of rhyme.


Not smart but sensing values:

Brevity, intensity, the punch line,

I could wish a better memory, capacity

An anodyne,

The antonym of worry.

[Yes,] if they were mine,

I’d dine on verbal oysters;

Foist my verse on readers,

Hoisting mere or more acceptance

To the gods of words.


This DNA that likes the rhyme, verb, adjective,

Long form, short form, no form, the silly,

Wholly unexplainable

Lives in a space un-findable, and yet

It’s mine.


Part Of The DNA 1.27.2014

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Nature Of &In Reality; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


Power Of Observation 2014

Power Of Observation


One or several (powers, that is)

Don’t you care.  It doesn’t matter

Whether it is one or more –

When you do your yoga,

Use your brain!

Observe what, where

The hurt, the strain.

Let me explain:

You feel, sense, think it,

IQ raised,

You’ve praised the part

From organ, ligament to cartilage.


Whatever age you are,

(I said before), it doesn’t matter.

Something good results –

From tumult in the psyche calming,

To the farming body,

Harvesting a better life.

Noticing a change means adding to the

Powers of invention,

Range of dreams you will accomplish.

Observation has dynamics



Power Of Observation 1.26.2014

Circling Round Yoga II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin



When It Hits 2014

When It Hits


Sometimes it hits ten years later:

So and so is dead.

It didn’t hit

The night

You heard.

It was a phone call. You had guests.

And then, he lived so far away.

Years later – now, for instance,

There are feelings showing up:

Feelings others felt at once

When you, the dunce, felt nothing.

Someone who, at one time close,

No longer close, no longer is.

They call it sadness – and it is.

Not guilt, but weight

Unanswerable, unexplorable.


It passes,

Like the ghost that memory is;

And yet

Implanted somewhere in the synapses,

Relationships have ways of showing,

Starting up against the will.


We have to go through leaves-of-absence;

Make excuses to feel better by;

Any dense or hollow theory

That fits the frame.

[It’s] awful to be struck, knocked, curbed,

Awful to be any violence-verbed

When suddenly

You really know

That someone’s gone forever,

(at least your ‘ever’).


When It Hits 1.26.2014

Birth, Death & I Between II; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin




Out This Week: Circling Round Yoga, Science, War & Cats

Circling Round Yoga, Science, War & Cats By Arlene Corwin 4 poetry collections in one.
See Xlibris, Barnes&Noble,
Ms Corwin:”In Circling Round Yoga, I’ve circled around varieties of yoga by including such subjects as recipes, thoughts about cooking, meditative reflections and recommendations, direct, unsystematic, and definitely incomplete; recommendations for getting rid of loneliness: ideas that circle around the diverse paths of yoga.
In Circling Round Science it was hard to draw a line between the intuitive, the spiritual, the philosophic and the scientific…
War Book is self-explantory. It’s anti-.
And finally Cat Book, a collections of lovingly unsentimental observations of the only cats I’ve known: Sootis and Albert, who were and are more than a mice eliminating part of my life”

As Of This Morning 2014

As Of This Morning


It starts with sadness, disappointment then…


As long as there is anger

There’ll be wars


An angry man begets revenge,


Until the sounds of canon*

Can be heard

*an almost-kind old-fashioned word.

Oh yes, and now, the now-times silent tone

Of sky high drone,

Like Hitler’s V8’s over London

Hitting suddenly – the innocent, the guilty;



Just today, in EU’s Europe

Where the left-out, not-yet ones are yearning

(the Ukraine, this morning)

Come to protest.

Then they come: police

With dummy bullets,

Which they turn into the real ones

Killing two, a few unlucky men…


When it’s through, it’s started!

Racking up: Iraq

Then Egypt, Lebanon,

Now Syria and the Ukraine –

The start of mourning

Just this morning.


As Of This Morning 1.22.2014

War Book II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin



Can A Plumber Get Dumber? 2014

Can A Plumber Get Dumber?


We had a plumber recommended

By a friend.  Connecting

Pipes to pipes

In places where

They oughtn’t be, creating

Leaks and floods, and where

The poo should go the urine went,

And where the urine should have gone,

Poo stenched.

What should have been a simple task:

Glue, weld, join up, whatnot,

He managed to get crazily, erroneously wrong: ass back-wards.


It was summer.


Made the colder warmer, warmer colder,

Dryer wetter, wetter, dryer,

All things that should not have been, malodorously real.

On top of which,

He charged a great, great deal of money,

Putting burdens on the shoulders

Of my friend and others.


“This is dread-

ful, said my friend,

That dumbum plumber should be dead”.

Instead of shooting him, or even shooing him,

She made him come back fifty times, re-doing

Poo-filled, flooded rooms.

Replacing pipes so that they fit.

And right,

She never recommended him

To anyone again.


Can A Plumber Get Dumber? 1.20.2014

A Sense Of the Ridiculous; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin


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