Why Did I Publish 2014 #2 (better version)

Why Did I Publish?

Was it fame?  Desire of…?

It wasn’t.

Gelt?  Desire of…?

It wasn’t.

When you’ve got three thousand

Masterpieces and their antonyms

The poetry

Gets bulky.

Computer, printer

Make it easy [to keep writing]

As the habit

That it


Rhyme; insights,

Outright disclosures,

Needs that clarify

For self alone

Place fame and currency,

Way down the list of palpable priority.

When so clever and so funny

Rhymes so rhyme-ey, puns so pun-ny,

That you put yourself in stitches,

Oxytocin and endorphin saturating every cell self-fed,

It might feel defensible to sell

Those daring thoughts, that well up

From parts unacknowledged: aired and shared.

In the end, the gushing voices,

Force you to into publishing a manuscript

With covers on each end,

A spine enclosing schemes of themes of dreams on reams of paper:

Pipeline to the world.

That’s why.

Why Did I Publish? 1.7.2014

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Numbers Book;

Arlene Corwin

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