A Memory I’d Almost Forgotten 1992

A Memory I’d Almost Forgotten


Out cycling when it starts to rain;

The day is warm and so is it.

You know how ideas light the brain –

I cycle hard and then it’s ‘lit’:

The me’s inside – I can’t get wet!

I am distinctly warm and high.

The key thought is: I feel all-dry!


I felt the dryness.  I was tucked up

Deep within, my guide completely

Conscious of the rain I bucked;

Protective skin that, like a sheet, let nothing in:

An oilcloth but oodles thinner.

If I’d been awash at sea,

There’s nothing could have wet that me.

Nothing could have threatened either.

At that hour security

Was mine.


A Memory I’d Almost Forgotten .4.9.1992

Circling Round Nature; To The Child Mystic; Small Stories Book;

Arlene Corwin

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