Can A Plumber Get Dumber? 2014

Can A Plumber Get Dumber?


We had a plumber recommended

By a friend.  Connecting

Pipes to pipes

In places where

They oughtn’t be, creating

Leaks and floods, and where

The poo should go the urine went,

And where the urine should have gone,

Poo stenched.

What should have been a simple task:

Glue, weld, join up, whatnot,

He managed to get crazily, erroneously wrong: ass back-wards.


It was summer.


Made the colder warmer, warmer colder,

Dryer wetter, wetter, dryer,

All things that should not have been, malodorously real.

On top of which,

He charged a great, great deal of money,

Putting burdens on the shoulders

Of my friend and others.


“This is dread-

ful, said my friend,

That dumbum plumber should be dead”.

Instead of shooting him, or even shooing him,

She made him come back fifty times, re-doing

Poo-filled, flooded rooms.

Replacing pipes so that they fit.

And right,

She never recommended him

To anyone again.


Can A Plumber Get Dumber? 1.20.2014

A Sense Of the Ridiculous; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin


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