Power Of Observation 2014

Power Of Observation


One or several (powers, that is)

Don’t you care.  It doesn’t matter

Whether it is one or more –

When you do your yoga,

Use your brain!

Observe what, where

The hurt, the strain.

Let me explain:

You feel, sense, think it,

IQ raised,

You’ve praised the part

From organ, ligament to cartilage.


Whatever age you are,

(I said before), it doesn’t matter.

Something good results –

From tumult in the psyche calming,

To the farming body,

Harvesting a better life.

Noticing a change means adding to the

Powers of invention,

Range of dreams you will accomplish.

Observation has dynamics



Power Of Observation 1.26.2014

Circling Round Yoga II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin



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