When It Hits 2014

When It Hits


Sometimes it hits ten years later:

So and so is dead.

It didn’t hit

The night

You heard.

It was a phone call. You had guests.

And then, he lived so far away.

Years later – now, for instance,

There are feelings showing up:

Feelings others felt at once

When you, the dunce, felt nothing.

Someone who, at one time close,

No longer close, no longer is.

They call it sadness – and it is.

Not guilt, but weight

Unanswerable, unexplorable.


It passes,

Like the ghost that memory is;

And yet

Implanted somewhere in the synapses,

Relationships have ways of showing,

Starting up against the will.


We have to go through leaves-of-absence;

Make excuses to feel better by;

Any dense or hollow theory

That fits the frame.

[It’s] awful to be struck, knocked, curbed,

Awful to be any violence-verbed

When suddenly

You really know

That someone’s gone forever,

(at least your ‘ever’).


When It Hits 1.26.2014

Birth, Death & I Between II; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin




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