There’s Nature & There’s Nature (Yours) 2014

There’s Nature  & There’s Nature (Yours)


If you’re one of those

Who likes, who needs, who find himself

Going from one thing to another,

Getting satisfaction from them all –

Do it!

If you’re one of those who,


Seeks study and involvement

In the left eye

Of a butterfly,

Getting satisfaction from it:

Do it!

Find your nature, your involvement,

Your enjoyment,

And then follow it.

It may require experiment

(It always does)

But it will tell you

Where to go.

(It always will):



There’s Nature & There’s Nature (Yours). 2.16.2014

Definitely Didactic; Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin


Getting Bored 2014

I get bored so easily.  I play a tune nine hundred times and have to change it; got to change it.  Improving, that’s the name.  Who can do the same damn thing life in, life out?  We need to change; it is a good.  We are variety machines.  Change is subtle, slow in coming.  Change can be a nuance – simply humming.  But if you’re got ears, you hear.  Inventing, winging it, ad libbing ad libitum.  Creatively and on the spot, you feel you’ve got to make up something new to satisfy and oh, it quenches; worn replaced, the freshness making  you a happy fledgling; born again.  Lose the fear!  It’s here you want to chase it.  Clinch the moment.   Let the boredom take you to the next bewitching instance.

I get bored so easily.

When playing a tune

Nine hundred times,

I’ve just got to change it.

Improvising, that’s the name.

Who can do the same life in, life out?

We need to change – a good thing.

We are variety machines.

Change can be nuance –

Nothing big; subtle, slow in coming.

But, if you’ve got the talent and the ear

You hear: inventing, extemporizing,

Winging-it, ad-libbing ad libitum.

Creatively and on the spot

You feel you’ve got

To make up something new

To satisfy you, and

Oh, it quenches:

The worn replaced, its freshness

Making you a happy fledgling; re-born.

Lose the fear!

It’s here you want to chase it.

Clinch the moment.

Let boredom take you to the next

Bewitching instance.

Getting Bored 7.20.2013

Vaguely About Music II; Definitely Didactic; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

Getting Bored

Self-Interest 2014



If we didn’t have self interest

We would never bargain.

We’d say,

“Let the poor guy have his way

and pay whatever price he asks”.

(You must admit,

You whittle down the price a bit

When e’er you can)

That’s it: self-interest,

For the good and bad,

The yin and yang,

The positive and negative.

Without it we can’t live, of course:

Cannot survive.

But when the negative

Puts thumb around our throats and gloats,

Greed takes a stand, the upper hand, and

Everybody suffers.

It’s a struggle

Between sacrifice-cum-offering

And pocketing the profit.

If you’ve got no conflict, you –


But if you’re (often, sometimes, always) greedy,

Feeling needy, you’re knee-deep in me-dy,

Then you’re ninety-nine, point nine, point nine


Time for some



Self-Interest 2.15.2014

Circling Round Egos;

Arlene Corwin


Success? What? Where?

Success?  What? Where?


What’s a sense of victory?

What is success?

Not much.

Not here.


Can’t hold it or hold on to it.


An authoress

Has passed

Away. Produced

12 novels, 15 plays, short stories and novellas.

67 million books translated into 30 tongues, developed

Filmed, played, sold!

How old?

She’s in her grave

At 65.

All those numbers:

Adding up to nothing.


Success? What? Where? 2.14.2014

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin


Sleepless Time I & II 2014

               Sleepless Time I


As the time hit four a.m. I thought,

This is the last and only four a.m. to ever be.

As hose two zeros struck mhy eyes, I thought,

There is o way to beat the clock,

Its tick, the tock, the tocks, the ticks

The one and only twleve month’s six

To ever be,

A ninety-eight I’ll never see again.

The seat of all I meet,

The fleetest chronos – who can study him?

Him, a one-off every mini.




Not to be compared, each one

A rising, falling sun;

A content all its own.

Weailess, incessant,

Holding in its links – all movement,

Each too perfect for improvement.

Yet, I let

These never to be reproduced

Repeated units die away



As if to say ‘you have no use’,

When really,

That is all we have

To save us.


Sleepless Time II


As the clock hit four, I thought,

“This is the last there’ll ever be!

A four a.m. I’ll never see.”

As those two zeros struck these eyes

I thought: “No way to beat its ticks…

A one and only twelve month’s six

I’ll never see again;

A day-night-hour I’ll never meet.

A Chronos fleet;

A one-off mini, microsecond;

Each a rising, falling sun

With content all its own.

Incessant, weariless,

Holding in its links, all movement,

Each too perfect for improvement.”

Yet these units die away



As if to say, “You have no use!”

When really, it is all we have

To save

Our sorry asses.



Sleepless Time I & II 5.26.2004 orig.12.6.1998  (revised 2.7.2014)

Birth, Death & In Between; Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Time II;

Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

All Saint’s Day In Sweden 2014

         All Saint’s Day Sweden


Cemeteries dot the towns:

Discreet, well-kept and gardened,

Water pails


To all who come to water flowers

Lovingly displayed or planted with devotion.

Where I come from,

Graveyard stones awry,

Bleak, toppled, blackened, hurt the eye.

In Sweden, airplay dots the day

Commemorating those who’ve died.

A ceremony for the dead;

Radio and flowerbeds

Reminding Sweden’s Christians.

This strange anomaly:

All Saint’s Day taken seriously

While the churches empty faster

Than the eye can see

Or ear can hear.

Yet, young and old set off

To lines of queuing cars

At graveyards gate.

They wait their turn,

To pay respect,

(perhaps to some they’ve never met).


All Saint’s Day in Sweden.

Unrelated totally to Halloween

In Brooklyn. 


All Saint’s Day In Sweden 11.2.2013/2.4.2014

Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin



Producing Pictures 2014

Producing Pictures


When I’m tired and sitting on the loo,

I see faces on the bathroom mat;

A round, brown, grey-white mat

That lends itself to seeing faces, so

Wherever my eyes land, they stay,

Communicating with a weary brain

Not shocked or strained,

Fixing on a pattern

In the mat,

I should explore it more,

This seeing faces on the floor.

But then (it’s just come back)

Skylines in the ceiling cracks:

Da Vinci also saw this art,

A part of nature: mine and his.

Perhaps we’re bonded by our eyes.

Maybe everyone sees cityscapes and faces

On the floor and ceiling. So relaxing

Sitting, lying, staring into air or space,

Producing pictures.

When I’m through

I leave the loo,

The faces too.

All gone.


Producing Pictures 2.5.2014

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; The Processes: Creative, Thinking,  Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

Never Old 2014

Never Old


This is not old stuff.

There can never be enough declaring:




To a birthday in

A non-

Birthday card style.


The cards say yearly, “happy birthday”!


Just a bit.

Of course I want you to be happy.

But there’s more to it


Happy New Year, Happy Christmas…happy, happy…

Just a little



One would wish the most preeminent, illustrious for you:

An all-inclusive lexicon of jubilation:

Words and miracles on your behalf.

All one can do is fall back on the old cliché:


Cause to get all daft

And un-evolved,

You are prized and cherished

And much loved!


Never Old 2.8.2014

Birthday Book; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin





Seymour Phillip Hoffman: The World Is Crying For You 2014

Seymour Phillip Hoffman: The World Is Crying For You


If he’d known

The world would mourn his passing,

Would he have overdosed on heroin?

How much self-love does it take

To break the habit?

Would you grab it, if you could?

I think I would.

Even kids and wife

Can’t make that change in life:

The skid, the slide,

The gliding down and down

And even more…

Until you’re on the floor,

A needle in your arm,

Unconscious of your heart’s alarm

Whispering “Stop

– or else your time is up!”

SPH, you never knew

They’d mourn your passing

As they’re doing.

That it would cry: the bylines, headlines

Sounding, bounding, ‘round the world in living print.

If you’d been more intuitive, more self in-touch, less self-indulgent,

Drugs might have been out-of

Thought and need, thought and greed, but…

Habit feeds on thought

And you were caught.

And so,

We throw

No stones at windows,

Even if and though

We know the world will not cry at our passing.

We’ll mourn

And learn.


Seymour Phillip Hoffman: The World Is Crying For You 2.3.2014

Special People, Special Occasions; Small Stories Book; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

This Poetry Stuff 2014

This Poetry Stuff  (Needs Explaining)

Mathematics With Emotion


This poetry stuff

Is all about

A thinking through;

Thought thunk, you’re sunk

In processes un-comprehended;

Sent from outside/inside source to underpin

An art form with no kin to it.

You either swim – or float or drown

With no idea as to its course.

Yet it’s a force – approximating

Cyclone, lava or tsunami,

Fast, slow hot, but always moving.

Fluff, or guff, refined or scruffy always stuff – just stuff;

It’s poetry – yours

Pushing boundaries out

Into infinity or into spaces irreducible.

Hard work, bard work, where

One can sit, lie, stand,

Write on one’s hand or even memorize

Till one gets home and gotten hold

Of full size paper.

One’s a staff-less worker isolated.

(Who reads poetry these days?)

Mathematics with emotion.


Coming hours you can’t anticipate,

Making sleep wait: it’s a form

Of storm unknown in nature.


This Poetry Stuff 2.1.2014

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

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