All Saint’s Day In Sweden 2014

         All Saint’s Day Sweden


Cemeteries dot the towns:

Discreet, well-kept and gardened,

Water pails


To all who come to water flowers

Lovingly displayed or planted with devotion.

Where I come from,

Graveyard stones awry,

Bleak, toppled, blackened, hurt the eye.

In Sweden, airplay dots the day

Commemorating those who’ve died.

A ceremony for the dead;

Radio and flowerbeds

Reminding Sweden’s Christians.

This strange anomaly:

All Saint’s Day taken seriously

While the churches empty faster

Than the eye can see

Or ear can hear.

Yet, young and old set off

To lines of queuing cars

At graveyards gate.

They wait their turn,

To pay respect,

(perhaps to some they’ve never met).


All Saint’s Day in Sweden.

Unrelated totally to Halloween

In Brooklyn. 


All Saint’s Day In Sweden 11.2.2013/2.4.2014

Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin



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