Self-Interest 2014



If we didn’t have self interest

We would never bargain.

We’d say,

“Let the poor guy have his way

and pay whatever price he asks”.

(You must admit,

You whittle down the price a bit

When e’er you can)

That’s it: self-interest,

For the good and bad,

The yin and yang,

The positive and negative.

Without it we can’t live, of course:

Cannot survive.

But when the negative

Puts thumb around our throats and gloats,

Greed takes a stand, the upper hand, and

Everybody suffers.

It’s a struggle

Between sacrifice-cum-offering

And pocketing the profit.

If you’ve got no conflict, you –


But if you’re (often, sometimes, always) greedy,

Feeling needy, you’re knee-deep in me-dy,

Then you’re ninety-nine, point nine, point nine


Time for some



Self-Interest 2.15.2014

Circling Round Egos;

Arlene Corwin


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