Biography In Verse 2014

Biography In Verse


What a way to hide –

A life in meter.

Details you might choose to lose,

Conceal under bedclothes;

Tiny facts essential to your memory,

But only yours.

Neckerchief presented by an ardent student:

Dedicated. Flattery appreciated.

Compliment from lovers long, long years ago;

Facts ashamed or guilty of;

Events repressed,

Facts that used to be a truth,

Belonged to youth,

Almost forgotten.

Then comes rhyme

To bring the time

Out into daylight,

Clarified and universalized:

Life’s praise in verse.


You may elect to write in code,

Record the streets you strode,

The lost rewards that shroud your days,

The rosebud days of silent angst,

The crude, nude, many hued

Inquietude of men withstood.


All that in metered lines.


Biography In Verse 4.1.2014 (started 11.12.2012)

Pure Nakedness; Autobiography; Biography;

Arlene Corwin

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