Poetry 2014



I didn’t choose it –

It chose me.

This rhyme, this rhythm,

This, this…poetry.

Only now, (in fact this morning)

Did it hit me in this way;

Karma, DNA,

One as no way of tracing

Where a talent comes from

(wherefrom talents come)

Or, leanings, gifts, once slumbering drifts –

For talent

Once meant

(it’s a Greek word meaning money) so,

I think in rhyme,

Think all the time

Where phrase inspires,

Idea takes on verbal image:

Idyll, idol, idlesse, id

Became idiomorphic; having proper shape or form

When ideography needs dictionary,

Reader to be extra cognizant; aware.

It is idealism (look in Webster.

See entire definition –

Interesting and thought provoking.


Back to choice:

I didn’t choose it,

It chose me.

This tendency to poetize;

This what-you-call-it, gift or prize,

(However you may see it.).


Poetry 5.31.2014

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


Insulting God 2014

Insulting God


You can’t insult God;

God can’t be insulted.


You cannot hurt the feelings,

Touch affections, move emotions,

Influence sensation in

A constant with no ego;

It is patent, blatant, arrant-clear. So,

Say the things you need to say:

Scream, beg, use naughty expletives,

Have points of view contrary to

Things heard, things learned,

With one suggestion: the connection:

Lean on, keep on going back.

Call it what you want.

Its only rule:

Sheer repetition hits a goal

Homogenous and pleasing;

Like the piece of cheese I’m eating

At this moment.


Insulting God 3.1.2014

God Book;

Arlene Corwin


Opening A New Chapter 2014

Opening A New Chapter


Is it God,

When overnight

One nods a “Yes!”

And things go extra right

Next day?

One buys

New eye-

glasses in red!

Bold, audacious,

Fearless and flamboyant!

Then, one spends

On two


Notebooks: scribble books

To dabble in poetic drivel

If one will,

Or drift away in philosophic dreams,

Or concrete dreams

That turn into philosophy.


Three new decisions;

Out-of-the-blue decisions

Shaping resolution still unsettled,

Still un-shaped.

Fateful, maybe.

Leading, maybe to the castle of a prince.

Grateful, one lays bare the book,

Writing words – in pencil.


If it’s happening to me

And not illusionary,

It can





Opening A New Chapter 5.30.2014

Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin





Days After The European Vote 2014

Days After The European Vote


It started out as EEC –

A simple trade community

Devoted to the trade in Europe.

Now a union, (one-to-be)

A wannabee? Will it be?


Two thousand fourteen, month of May.

The people went to vote today.


It seems folk don’t feel like uniting.

Left to right: the fight’s between

Inclusion and exclusion,

Expansion and contraction;

Force-fed rules and force-fed roles;

Poles apart

With no shared historicity;

Their hearts dissimilarity.


A common market sounds ideal.

But scoundrels steal

Or plain refuse (like Swedes – their snus*)


And those who do not pay their taxes

Yet demand the benefits. The facts

Are clear: a European Union –

Is it out of phase with climate’s present future?

Will reversed conditions fracture

Common needs.

It would be nice if it succeeds.

It’s May, and we have yet no answer,

Yet to answer…

I’ve no answers.


*snus: snuff


*to Åke, my political friend


Days After The European Vote 5.27.2014

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin




Dreams Of Bubble Baths 2014

Dreams Of Bubble Baths


A child swathed in dreams

Of bubbles: -baths and –pipes,

No longer charmed

But harmed, alarmed by life’s

Bared crises; news that frightens.

Dreams of Blake and innocence forsaken,

Given up for knowledge wakened,

Can we die a ‘happy fella’

Without yelling out “Run for your lives”?

Or, fearless and experience-free,

Like Candide and Quixote, think

“It’s heaven’s gift – all of it!

Trust in fact and act and wait.

Watch and see. It’s heavenly – all of it!”


The baths were fun; a season’s present every Yule;

The bubble-pipes more so when running after

Iridescence after school.

One read no headlines, everything a

Coming up in roses world.

I found detachment’s observations,

Wisdom thrown in for luck.

A lead-me-not-into-temptation

Bucking buck incessantly.

Stuck with what I am and what I’m not,

I’d not go back to dreams of bubbles, rather

Think, sink, drink in that:

I’ve got a tub, a tap and water.


Bubbles notwithstanding.


Dreams Of Bubble Baths 2.23.2014

Pure Nakedness; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Producing Pictures 2014

Producing Pictures


When I’m tired and sitting on the loo,

I see faces on the bathroom mat;

A round, brown, grey-white mat

That lends itself to seeing faces, so

Wherever my eyes land, they stay,

Communicating with a weary brain

Not shocked or strained,

Fixing on a pattern

In the mat,

I should explore it more,

This seeing faces on the floor.

But then (it’s just come back)

Skylines in the ceiling cracks:

Da Vinci also saw this art,

A part of nature: mine and his.

Perhaps we’re bonded by our eyes.

Maybe everyone sees cityscapes and faces

On the floor and ceiling. So relaxing

Sitting, lying, staring into air or space,

Producing pictures.


When I’m through

I leave the loo,

The faces too.

All gone.


Producing Pictures 2.5.2014

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


Certainty 2014



I’m pleased that there are those

That question why a certain house

Gets flooded while the house next door stays dry.

Unpredictability.  Factors, causes, reasons why;

Component circumstance, dynamic;

Here we see the butterfly, effect rhapsodic.

Is there accident and fortune’s hand at all –

Foreseeable, predictable

In some vague laws unseen?

Shapes between,

Shaping patterns and connections

In coincidence?

What is this dance of risk and chance?

Why is there chance at all?

Uncertainty could disappear

If everything was measurable (but it ain’t).

Adorable and quaint,

But doubts and things that aren’t clear –

Always here.


The ordinary me has limits.

Ordinary me can never see

The butterfly effect, the tiny

Waves that make up happenings;

The subatomic world that keeps on changing hungrily,

Lazily, chaotically, eternally.

Probable and possible – which is which –

Questions in a witch’s brew, their secret prank.

For the ordinary you and me.

I think it’s safe to say today there is no certainty.

And if there is, it’s in God’s databank.


Certainty 2.27.2014

Circling Round Science II;

Arlene Corwin







Look at all these nice comments! 2014


This God Stuff 2014

This God Stuff


It is a strange phenomenon

That scientific formulae –

Equations looking for a proof

Are bound to faith if, only if

One’s got the temperament to not spoof



Easier if, mostly if

You start some sort of personal relationship

Out of the need

To shed the grip of loneliness

Our souls are prone to.


Easier to give a Name

To Nothingness,

Examine, then proclaim

The feel you get of Something-ness

After a time.


This God Stuff 5,24,2014

God Book;

Arlene Corwin



The How Odd Of God Series 2014

The How Odd of God Series


How odd of God

To drag a tribe

Across a desert

Never to desert them.


How odd of God

To let

An amateur selector

Hit upon a brachiopod

Far, far away from water

Thirty million far, far years

From whence it came.


How odd of God

To give us breath

Until our death.


The How Odd of God Series 5.24.3014

God Book;

Arlene Corwin


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