If You Think I’m Doing Nothing 2014

If You Think I’m Doing Nothing


We were talking about people who have no idea,

And cannot fathom

What it is to pepper days

With standing doing nothing.

Standing doing nothing

Makes the land a dukedom,

House an ashram,

World a kingdom

And unwelcome are the critics

Of this land of nothing-doing


In a nothing that’s creative.

There’s a haven of content.

All gets done. The rent

Is paid, meals cooked from what’s around,

The house gets built

Without an architect’s hired blueprint-ground.

Every stilt

Is purposeful and dutiful,

A tool of art and beauty.

Plus, there’s time

Where time’s the paradigm

Of artless paradise on earth.

Time that’s good. Time that’s worthy.


If you think I’m doing nothing

When I’m standing, you’re a fool.

It is standing, doing not a thing

That is my basic tool.*


*From a conversation I had with a farmer who said,

“If they think I’m doing nothing, they’re idiots!”


If You Think I’m Doing Nothing 7.21.1997

Circling Round Nature; To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin






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