Lazy Lover 2014

Lazy Lover


I am the laziest of lovers.

Missionary start or end is fine.

In between however,

I can shift, turn over,

Twist the hips, turn left to right,

Left and right, left or right.

Arm can dangle where it will,

The torso still. It’s tantric.

Seldom on my stomach

(It’s not comfortable and I’m too languid)

My delight is on my back

Where I can focus on

The goings on


The ride quite quiet.

With no need to hide,

My face betrays the lot, the all

With grunts and grimaces

(Though small).

Mornings, when asleep

And lover creeps beside,

Biding his time

While I prime up

A la Mae West

Bells chime, and when

The loving’s through

I never hear complaints, (assuming,

As I do) that both of us are honest.


Lazy Lover 3.5.2014

Circling Round Eros II;

Arlene Corwin

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