Days After The European Vote 2014

Days After The European Vote


It started out as EEC –

A simple trade community

Devoted to the trade in Europe.

Now a union, (one-to-be)

A wannabee? Will it be?


Two thousand fourteen, month of May.

The people went to vote today.


It seems folk don’t feel like uniting.

Left to right: the fight’s between

Inclusion and exclusion,

Expansion and contraction;

Force-fed rules and force-fed roles;

Poles apart

With no shared historicity;

Their hearts dissimilarity.


A common market sounds ideal.

But scoundrels steal

Or plain refuse (like Swedes – their snus*)


And those who do not pay their taxes

Yet demand the benefits. The facts

Are clear: a European Union –

Is it out of phase with climate’s present future?

Will reversed conditions fracture

Common needs.

It would be nice if it succeeds.

It’s May, and we have yet no answer,

Yet to answer…

I’ve no answers.


*snus: snuff


*to Åke, my political friend


Days After The European Vote 5.27.2014

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin




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